Sunday, September 16, 2012

September Magic

It's September. A new year for school.  A new year in the Jewish calendar. Time to buckle down.  In the spirit of new pencils and pens, apples and honey, I'm making myself a promise.  I'm going to go full-steam ahead and finish the final round of edits of my upper MG fantasy novel in the next two weeks.

I'm almost there.  I can taste success in the wind (or at least smell the apple pie in the oven).  Let's see, this is about my 7th round of edits. I'm on page 193 of a 270 page manuscript and I finally have a brilliant idea for how to fix my first chapter to reach out and grab my reader friend's nose and pick it.  You read it here:  For the first time ever - it is possible to pick your nose, pick your friends, and now even pick your friend's nose. Satisfying, isn't it?

If you knew me and the current state of chaos in my life, you'd probably think I'm crazy to set this deadline for myself. Take this week for instance: my went into the ICU and requires daily visits, both daughters have colds, my dog is rolling around in something stinkerific in the backyard, I'm waaaaay behind planning a bat mitzvah (as in, not even started), my front stairs are torn up, there's some weird emergency light shining on my car dashboard, and oh yeah, housekeeping got bumped down to Z priority (obvious!).

If you know me well, you'll realize that I thrive in chaos like this.  Seriously.  I am the eye in the storm. I will meet my deadline.  How will I manage? A whole lot of willpower and a sprinkle of magic.

Love you!  Now go work your own magic.

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